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Embrace the digital wave of disruption in banking with NSEIT

The banking industry is pivoting towards innovation as a means to prepare for a future that will be increasingly driven by technology – a future where instant payments, anytime-anywhere services, personalized products, virtual currencies and invisible banks will be the norm.

Key trends of innovation include ongoing digital transformation, collaboration with Fintech and artificial intelligence and robotics. As banks continue to get by the developments that have already made an impression, their ability to transform themselves with speed and agility, and their future strategies to thrive the next revolution, will determine the winners and losers in this technologically advanced future.

NSEIT focuses on helping banks in their digital transformation journey by delivering mission critical infrastructure, scalable solutions and creating innovative delivery models to engage better with customers and users.

Who we serve?

20 years of expertise across public, private, co-operative banks & payment banks.

To support the future of banking, we work with you to develop modern day banking business models & translate “digital transformation” initiatives into real life implementations.

Retail Banks

  • We help leading retail banks transform operations and deliver differentiated customer experience.
  • Through proven thought leadership and digital intelligence, we provide end-to-end services that include customer on-boarding, query management, customer service, complaints handling, fraud management, collections management and more.

Corporate Banks

  • We aid corporate banks re-calibrate digital initiatives by driving innovations amidst the highly regulated and stringent security requirements.
  • Combining the strength of analytics, business transformation & Infra modernization – we create scalable solutions across core banking, lending, treasury, trade finance, AML, Fraud & compliance, Document & Workflow management.

Cards & Payments

  • We help enterprises leverage the market sentiment shift towards Open Ecosystem by providing next-gen APIfication & digital solutions.
  • We drive innovation across merchant & customer
    interfaces, fraud & risk management and legacy system modernization.



High Octane Agile Implementations


Drive customer acquisition & retention with the dynamic power of Cloud


Create internal and external APIs to unleash the bank of tomorrow

Governance, Risk Mgmt. & Compliance

Simplify KYC, AML woes & incorporate regulatory & compliance reporting into operational processes.


Keep up with the industry wide revolution by using our scalable services to enhance security and productivity

Omni-channel Experience

Reinvent banking by synchronizing customer experiences across all channels.

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