Become an insight-driven modern enterprise with our data analytics service

Effectively utilize data and analytics services for businesses to build smart decisioning platforms that enable informed decision-making

Become an insight-driven modern enterprise

Effectively utilize data and analytics services to build smart decisioning platforms that enable high-octane performance

Differentiate with data and analytics: Unlock strategic insights with our data analytics services

Modern organizations need modern decisioning

In this era of data abundance, it is imperative for forward-thinking organizations to transcend conventional decision-making methods. Our comprehensive suite of data analytics services is meticulously crafted to empower businesses to reimagine business decisions by leveraging the power of data, real-time insights, cognitive intelligence, and human science. Our mission is to assist enterprises through data analytics for business to construct astute decision-making platforms that propel toward outstanding performance and distinctiveness in the market.

Extract the real value from your data with our data analytics services

Bring all your data in harmony to glean decision-grade insights and learn from them progressively


Get trusted data on demand: Streamline cost and effort with our data analytics services

Modernization is the key to ensuring that your data remains a valuable asset. Our Data Modernization services are tailored to provide you with trusted data on demand while reducing costs and effort. By modernizing your data platform, you can improve scalability, availability, and performance, setting the stage for data-driven success

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Moved big data to cloud in record time

Leveraged Snowflake on AWS and metadata-driven spark-based frameworks for data migration

560 TB of data migrated

24 days to complete migration

95% accuracy


Drive business outcomes through data visualization and narratives
In the modern business landscape, agility and rapid decision-making are paramount. Our Business Data Analytics services enable business users to access, understand, and act upon data insights quickly. We focus on visualization and narratives to empower business users and increase trust in their data-driven decisions.

Our Offerings

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Leveraging automation and analytics to optimize data for India’s leading general insurance provider

A modular, scalable, and comprehensive data processing platform to create a holistic, centralized repository of critical financial information

100+ KPIs reported monthly

2+ TB computations within 20 hours

10+ years worth of data migrated in a single move

100+ Million customers covered


Automate operational decisioning, augment tactical decisioning and enable strategic decisioning

Our AI/ML/Data Science services are designed to automate operational decisioning, augment tactical decisioning, and enable strategic decisioning. NSEIT helps businesses leverage advanced technologies to mature the journey from understanding “what happened” to “how to make it happen.”

Our Offerings

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Faster anomaly detection for India’s leading exchange

AI/ML-powered self-learning system improves surveillance

3+ TB data handled daily

7+ Billion messages processed daily

Turn your data analytics into
a true differentiator

Scale up your business outcomes with future-forward business intelligence, decision intelligence, and data modernization solutions.


Simplify unified collaboration and channel management: Leverage data analytics services with a composable low-code platform

Deliver unparalleled digital experiences at speed with our domain-agnostic low code platform, Yugma

Boosted profitability: Achieve a unified customer view with our data analytics services

Customer behavior mapping increases profitability by 23% and engagement by 37%

Built a business data analytics solution with a centralized data lake for customer and account profiling. Unified visualization dashboards unlocked cross-sell and up-sell opportunities leading to a 23% improvement in product profitability.

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The NSEIT Advantage: Empowering Innovation through data analytics services

With NSEIT as a trusted data analytics partner, businesses can unlock the true potential of their data and leverage data-driven insights to fuel growth, innovation, and success in today’s data-centric world.

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