Experience the transformative power of cloud transformation services

Move toward a cloud-first and cloud-native enterprise
services for superior business performance

Experience the transformative power of cloud transformation services

Move towards a cloud-first and cloud native enterprise services for superior business performance

Trusted cloud
transformation partner
for five out of top ten
private banks in India
Put enterprise cloud solutions at your core
Leverage hybrid and multi-cloud environments that align with your business goals

At NSEIT, we enable you to put cloud managed solutions at the core of your operations, thereby embarking you on a transformative journey. We equip your business with the ability to adapt and evolve with change. We help you drive innovation and efficiencies at scale with industry-leading, intelligent enterprise cloud solutions by leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud environments that align seamlessly with your business objectives, ultimately leading your organization towards a cloud-first and cloud-native future

Make cloud migration management more effective with our offerings
Migrating to the cloud is a critical step in enhancing business’s security, performance, and transformation. With the acquisition of cloudxchange.io, NSEIT boasts end-to-end capabilities to support your cloud journey effectively. We prioritize your cloud migration management, ensuring maximum security, optimal performance, and a seamless path toward cloud business transformation.

Put your applications where they work best

Our cloud hosting solutions are designed to put your applications exactly where they perform at their best. Experience high performance, reliability, and minimal effort with our offerings, including Colo, public and private cloud options, BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud), OpenStack, and OpenShift.

Our Offerings

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Built one of the largest commodity trading platforms in the world

India’s first fully automated, location-agnostic, and cloud-hosted e-Auction platform for a state agency

250,000+ daily transactions

100+ GB data handled daily

50% decrease in transaction time

20% YOY increase in trading of produce


Reduce the complexity of your cloud environment with cloud management platform

Reduce the complexity of your cloud environment with our cutting-edge cloud management platform. Enhance visibility, security, and governance while optimizing your cloud expenditure, all as part of our comprehensive suite of cloud managed services.

Our Offerings


Keep the backbone of your business always-on and available

Keep the backbone of your business always available with our enterprise cloud solutions. Improve infrastructure performance through immutable architecture and AI-driven automation.

Our Offerings

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Regulated compliance requirements and Reduction in cloud sprawl and compliance errors through cloud managed services


Get the flexibility to scale without upfront costs.

Gain the flexibility to scale your resources without upfront costs. Securely access virtualized IT resources on-demand through a usage-based model.

Our Offerings

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Migrating one of the leading exchanges from on-premises to cloud

Ensured continuous availability of trading servers with stringent SLAs

560 TB of data migrated

24 days to complete migration

95% accuracy

Maximizing cloud advantage with industry-leading tools and platforms
The true power of cloud transformation services lies in the intelligent utilization of cutting-edge tools and platforms. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our carefully curated selection of industry-leading solutions that seamlessly integrate with your cloud environment. These tools and platforms are designed to elevate your cloud experience and empower your organization to thrive in the digital era.
  • CAYANK – Multi-cloud orchestration
    Simplify the management of multiple cloud environments with CAYANK. This versatile tool streamlines orchestration, allowing enterprises to efficiently allocate resources, automate tasks, and optimize workloads across various cloud providers. Achieve agility and flexibility while gaining end-to-end control of the cloud.
  • ETOS – Cloud governance platform
    Effective cloud governance is the bedrock of a successful cloud strategy. ETOS is our advanced cloud governance solution that empowers businesses with robust governance capabilities, enabling you to enforce policies, track compliance, and manage costs effectively. With ETOS, your cloud operations remain secure, efficient, and aligned with your business goals.
  • ARA – Cloud support bot
    ARA (Cloud Support Bot) is your intelligent companion in the cloud. This advanced support bot leverages AI-driven insights to provide real-time assistance, troubleshoot issues, and enhance user experiences. ARA ensures that the cloud environment operates smoothly, reducing downtime and optimizing performance.
  • TERRAFORM – Infrastructure automation
    Cloud Infrastructure automation is essential for efficiency and scalability. TERRAFORM is a versatile cloud infrastructure automation tool that enables businesses to define, provision, and manage infrastructure as code. Streamline deployment, reduce manual errors, and accelerate your cloud initiatives with TERRAFORM.
  • HASHICORP VAULT – Cryptographic key management system
    Security is paramount in the cloud. HASHICORP VAULT is your trusted partner for cryptographic key management and secret Safeguard sensitive data, manage access control, and protect organizations from data breaches with this robust security solution.
    CLOUDBOLT offers Intelligent Cloud Management and Provisioning (ICMP) and Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) capabilities. It’s one of the powerful cloud management platforms that empowers businesses to dynamically allocate and manage cloud resources based on demand, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency.
  • PROMETHEUS + GRAFANA – Cloud monitoring services
    Real-time visibility into your cloud environment is crucial for performance optimization. PROMETHEUS and GRAFANA are a powerful duo for cloud monitoring, These two tools provide      comprehensive insights into system metrics and application performance. They       proactively identify      issues and optimize      resource allocation with this monitoring solution, thereby fulfilling the needs of enterprise cloud solutions     .
    Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) are integral aspects of cloud operations and cloud data governance. SERVICENOW and IBM OPENPAGES offer comprehensive GRC solutions, with respect to cloud governance enabling you to manage regulatory compliance, assess risks, and maintain transparency in your cloud environment. Stay compliant and secure with these trusted GRC platforms.

Simplifying unified collaboration and channel management with a composable low-code platform

Deliver unparalleled digital experiences at speed
with our domain-agnostic low-code platform, Yugma

The NSEIT Advantage
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