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Corporate Social Responsibility
United towards creating a sustainable future

At NSEIT, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is engrained in our DNA. We believe that positively impacting communities is more than just a moral duty; it’s a way of empowering lives and improving livelihoods.

NSEIT aligns with the NSE Foundation, a Section-8 company that implements CSR initiatives across all NSE Group companies. All initiatives and social interventions are directed at enhancing the lives of marginalized communities, thereby helping plant the seeds of transformation and empowerment through partnerships with government, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and focused multilateral bodies.

About the NSE Foundation

The Foundation aims at inspiring, nurturing, empowering, and sustaining the aspirations of the communities it serves. Its projects are designed to plug gaps in social and economic development in some of the most remote geographies of India.

NSE Foundation’s initiatives take a lifecycle approach to reaching children, youth, and elders through activities under the focus areas of primary education, safe drinking water and sanitation, elder care, environment sustainability, skill development & entrepreneurship, health and nutrition, funding to incubators, and disaster relief. This has helped the Foundation nurture expertise in an integrated, convergent, collaborative, and sustainable development mode. Read more here.

Our ESG Commitment

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks help stakeholders understand how an organization mitigates risks and manages opportunities bound by sustainability challenges. At NSEIT, our intrinsic values guide us to our ESG commitments, which include:

Our CSR Activities