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Leading Elastic partner delivering excellence to BFSI customers

Digital data explosion at rapid pace has forced enterprises to look at analytics not as an afterthought but built as a design from start as part of their digital transformation journey. Elastic, a leading platform on Enterprise IT analytics provides enterprise search, observability and SIEM capabilities on huge data assets of organizations at speed, scale and relevance.

With a dedicated Centre of Excellence for Elastic stack, strong global partnership over many years, we at NSEIT can help organization by providing a comprehensive analytics on large data sets and unearth business critical insights.

With our best in class expertise across ELK stack (Elastic, Beats, Logstash, Kibana), we can help BFSI customers with:

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Operational Analytics for Greater Efficiency and Cost Reduction for a Large Indian Bank

Analytics platform to:

  • Identify potential abuse happening on their Internet and Mobile Banking Applications

  • Provide interactive visualizations to System Admin Operations & Infra teams

  • Enable insight and operation intelligence in existing environment

SIEM Platform for a Large company in India

Centralized Monitoring application with following features:

  • Log Analytics

  • System Metrics Analytics

  • Application Metrics Analytics

  • Application Performance Monitoring

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