Webinar: Building Security and FinOps Best Practices for Azure
Webinar: Building Security and FinOps Best Practices for Azure

Securing the cloudscape: Integrating security and FinOps best practices in Azure

In a time when cloud infrastructure is essential, addressing both security and financial operations (FinOps) in the cloud is crucial. This exclusive webinar, presented by Microsoft and cloudxchange.io – An NSEIT Company, aims to equip viewers with essential insights and strategies to enhance their security framework while ensuring cost efficiency in the Azure cloud environment. This webinar delves into the importance of adhering to industry standards, compliance, and regulations, providing a comprehensive roadmap for navigating these complexities in Azure.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Holistic security and FinOps integration: How to build a secure cloud architecture that also adheres to FinOps principles, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising security.
  • Advanced security measures: Best practices for implementing robust security measures in Azure, and adherence to compliance standards and regulations.
  • Optimizing cloud spend in secure environments: Strategies for maintaining visibility and control over cloud spend while ensuring the highest levels of security.
  • Collaborative strategies for security and financial teams: Fostering a culture of collaboration between security and financial teams to align goals and strategies.
  • Real-world applications: Sharing a success story showcasing the application of integrating security and FinOps practices in Azure, highlighting tools and techniques that attendees can apply within their organizations.

Check out the webinar recording for insightful points on this exciting topic. Connect with us if you wish to learn more about FinOps Solution as a service.

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