D2C insurance trends to look out for in 2023
D2C insurance trends to look out for in 2023
The future is D2C insurance

Experts indicate that insurance companies globally are poised to capitalize on D2C models in 2023 and beyond.

D2C channels reduce customer acquisition costs, enable quick feedback, simplify remediation, and increase customer satisfaction.

What makes D2C a success model for insurers? It enables them to create personalized policies, expand digital distribution, and focus more on ESG initiatives — qualities that resonate with contemporary consumers.

Take a leaf from the books of Indian digital insurers who have aced the D2C insurance chain and paved the way for the future. Learn about sustainable practices, industry trends to look out for in 2023, and success stories from Acko, Plum, and more.

Get the complete insights in our latest point-of-view (PoV) paper—The Evolution of D2C Insurance: Building Resilient & Sustainable Operations for the Future.

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