Applications-based services

Digital-native services to enhance your efficiency and help you unlock your business potential

Applications-based services

Digital-native services to enhance your efficiency and help you unlock your business potential

Cutting-edge application transformation services solutions to streamline your business processes

Achieve agility, operational efficiency, and flexibility cost-effectively.
Harness the power of our applications-based services for your digital transformation.

Digital Engineering

Maximize revenue with this real-time auction platform that
offers sellers a strategic tool for competitive bidding,
ensuring maximum value for all parties


Enhance usability with this highly flexible windows-based
risk calculation and collateral management platform for multi-segment,
multi-exchange, and multi-user operations

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Help financial markets firms meet the regulator’s expected
call for one-day trade settlement (T+1),
as well as meet global demands with this business application

Volume Generation Tool (VGT)

Meet and exceed expectations with this robust and flexible order injection tool which
produces liquidity or load in an exchange market and can also be used in performance
benchmarking or testing algorithmic trading models

Exchange in a Box

Harness greater capabilities with end-to-end components required for a trading platform
– trade engine, risk and compliance module, and trade settlement module - along
with API creation to interface with external entities

Vendor management system

Seamlessly handle vendor relationships based on the application services provided across industries.
This solution also facilitates efficient management of service
providers, contacts, service catalogs, engagement history, and collaborations


Manage authorizations efficiently with this web application solution for Sub KUA (KYC User Agency) user management and Aadhar authentication that integrates with KUA APIs and helps maintain audit trail and logs along with admin and operational reports

Digital Foundation
Digital maturity assessment

Help evaluate your organization’s digital maturity and develop a plan for
implementing digital transformation services with our six
area-focused assessment pillars

App portfolio assessment

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s current
applications with this diagnostic toolkit for gaining the end users’ perspective for
correct decision-making and soliciting feedback

API/ APP rationalization

Discover, improve, and transform under-utilized applications across your business landscape and determine the most beneficial course of action for API/ APP adoption using the 6R categorization strategy

DevSecOps maturity assessment

Enhance enterprise agility, speed, and reliability with this state-of-art maturity assessment framework for facilitating continuous build, integration testing,
and deployment lifecycle

Business Transformation
Automation BOTS

Cost-effective and efficient solution for streamlining your business transformation processes.

Experience Transformation
Customer journey mapping

Help enhance customer experience and understand your customers better
by accurately representing the customer’s touch point in a visual storyline

Future mapping

Tool designed to create a shared understanding of past, present,
and future industry trends and help you visualize potential future states


Authenticate with efficiency and ease with this An efficient in-person authentication
solution that is compliant with regulatory requirements like Anti Money Laundering (AML)
compliance, business verification, and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

YUGMA Business Applications

Develop any capabilities rapidly across the Insurance value chain for various
Omni-channel portals with our platform libraries and accelerators

Enterprise portals

Enhace accessibility with this solution that facilitates the development of enterprise,
internet/ intranet, and multilingual portals

Idea jam/innovation

Drive digital transformation and unlock potential business value with
organization-wide impactful ideas or innovation, leveraging open source-based
tools/libraries and emerging technologies


Compose applications with reduced time-to-market quickly across
internet banking applications, digital lending applications, digital KYC, and cards and payments

Capital market and AMC

Ease out your customers’ and wealth managers’ investment
journey with faster turnaround time by deploying our sales and investors portal

Grievance/complaints management

Manage grievances and complaints swiftly with our
highly customizable management platform with pre-built workflow,
configurable escalation mechanism, rule engine, and reporting

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