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Pioneering customer-centric innovation & delivering large scale value.

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Preferred Partner of UiPath - Leading disruption with Hyperautomation

Global technology leaders & seasoned research analysts have considered Hyperautomation as the top strategic technology trend in 2020! What’s all the buzz about and what exactly is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation combines all possible components of process automation integrating tools & technologies – to unlock the maximum potential of automation & scale effectively!

At the core we have Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is then augmented by artificial intelligence(AI), process mining and other analytics tools.

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Our Experience

We’ve helped leading BFSI enterprises jump from ‘automation’ to ‘hyperautomation’ & realize great ROIs!

Banking & Financial Services

Enabled RPA + AI solutions across core banking processes to speed up compliance, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency

  • Credit card dispute

  • Loan processing

  • Fraud management

  • Payment reconciliation

  • Customer onboarding and account setup

  • Risk and compliance operations

  • Internal and external reporting

  • Factoring and invoice discounting

  • Trade clearing and settlement processes

  • Customer servicing


Led automation of tedious time-consuming processes across core insurance & back-office by integration of legacy systems and ‘RPA + drag & drop AI’

Core Insurance

  • End-to-end claims processing

  • Underwriting & New Business


  • Optimized cash conversion and prevented delays in accounts payable and receivable

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