Simplify Your Application Landscape: Solve the Puzzle with Portfolio Rationalization
Tailored Assessment for Application Optimization

As enterprises grows, the increase in applications often leads to complex and sprawling portfolios, resulting in duplication, escalating costs, mounting technical debt, and suppressed innovation. NSEIT’s Application Portfolio Rationalization Assessment aims to simplify maintenance by identifying applications that deliver maximum value to your organization so to align with the business goals and objectives.

Through our application portfolio rationalization assessment, enterprises can make informed decisions about which applications to keep, retire, consolidate, modernize, or replace. This will help your organization enhance productivity and efficiency, while reducing operational expenses (Opex) and the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Uncovering and Optimizing Your Application Portfolio
Initial Engagement

Discovery and Inventory
Identify and catalog all applications in your portfolio, including purpose, functionality, user base, dependencies, and technical details.

Business Alignment
Understand your business objectives, strategies, and priorities to align your organization’s application portfolio’s performance with the business goals.

Assessment and Evaluation
Evaluate applications based on criteria like business value, usage patterns, technical debt, maintenance costs, and future compatibility.

Tailored Assessment

Prioritization and Categorization
Categorize applications with business value consideration of ‘Contain’, ‘Maintain’ or to ‘Invest’ more,
based on assessment results.

Cost Analysis
Analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each application, considering factors like licensing fees, infrastructure costs, maintenance expenses, and personnel resources.

Risk Assessment
Evaluate risks associated with each application, including security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and operational risks.

Rationalization Execution

Rationalization Roadmap
Develop a roadmap with recommended actions for each application category, including timeline, resource allocation, and dependencies.

Execution and Implementation
Collaborate with your team to execute the rationalization plan, including retiring applications, consolidating functionalities, modernizing/migrating applications, or replacing outdated ones.

Monitoring and Optimization
Continuously monitor portfolio performance, track metrics, and optimize as needed to ensure alignment with evolving business needs and a dynamic technology landscape.

Effective Application Rationalization Starts with Application Assessment

Our Code Scan and App Survey provides a comprehensive view of various applications and the onboarded functionalities.

Tools Used: CAST Highlight
Excel driven / Tool Driven


Directional analysis with Cloud Feasibility, Automated Remediation, and Containerization mitigates remediation roadmap uncertainties, simplifying decisions with retiring, refactoring, or retaining applications.

Tools Used: Value Stream Mapping


Our consulting exercise directs efforts towards your enterprises digital vision, ensuring alignment and strategic guidance.

Tools Used: DMD Assessment

Assessment Benefits
Why Global Enterprises Trust Us!

Our in-house designed and proprietary COTS accelerators efficiently identify capability alignment, determine overlaps, and apply a value measurement framework. This helps to measure the app-to-process alignment, effectively identifying redundancies.

We offer comprehensive Application Assessment Diagnostic using tool-based and metric-based approaches. This evaluates the performance of applications and provides actionable insights. It categorizes applications as either 'Retire', 'Rehost', 'Re-platform', 'Re-engineer/Replace', or 'Retain' based on their business value. Additionally, it provides recommendations to 'Contain', 'Maintain', or 'Invest' further in the applications for optimal business value.

Our Cloud Migration Assessment provides a readiness check for both individual applications and entire portfolios, determining their readiness for migration to the Cloud. It also assesses cloud resiliency, offering insights into the application's ability to operate effectively in a cloud environment.

The DEV X OPS Maturity Assessment evaluates the landscape for DevOps Maturity during Agile transformation. It provides insights and a roadmap for establishing a robust Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipeline.

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