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Fraud Detection & Investigation Solution

Unravel Fraudulent Pattern & Unveil Fraud with Link Analysis

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BFSI industry is losing billions of dollars each year to fraud, and it is estimated that worldwide losses due to fraud will reach up to USD 44 billion by 2025. Investigating fraud often involves identifying suspicious patterns among mountains of uninteresting transactional data leading further delays in fraud detection. At increasing rate sophisticated fraudsters have developed a variety of ways to elude discovery - both by working in groups and by leveraging various means of constructing false identities.

Therefore, today fraud detection and investigation efforts are more focused on the speed with which organization can identify & act upon it. Enterprises like banks, insurance and financial institutions face a huge challenge to spot and stop potential fraudulent activities among the humongous every day transactional data. To help them in their fraud detection and fraud investigation journey, NSEIT brings a powerful fraud analytics tool kit having the breadth and depth to detect & report unusual patterns consistent with loan fraud, credit card fraud, fraudulent insurance claims, collusion frauds and ecommerce fraud.

We can customize fraud detection & investigation solution as per client’s requirement to offer new method of uncovering fraud rings, synthetic identities and other sophisticated scams with high-level of accuracy, and are capable of stopping fraud scenarios in real-time.


With graph analytics capabilities, we can help enterprises reveal business insights

Prevent Multiple Forms of Fraud for BFSI

  • Discover transaction frauds through Collusions, Fraud Rings
  • Augment existing fraud detection to combat frauds through Identity theft
  • Identify patterns through linkage between structured and unstructured data
  • Provide data lineage for Audit and Regulatory Compliance

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Take a unified approach to fraud detection and investigation with NSEIT, we will build a customized solution as per our client’s requirements. Our unique approach to fraud detection solution acts as an essential layer of protection that provides enterprises with much needed scalability and security backed by domain expertise and the world’s best analytics. Everything we do is underpinned by our core values of trust and partnership, which enables us to provide open and innovative technology solution to our client that truly is transformational.

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