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2nd wave of covid-19 is again sending distress signals across the banking ecosystem. Providing customers with quicker service and employees with faster operations to process request is of utmost importance today. Which therefore has accelerated the pace of automation in banking ecosystem. With early adoption of automation, banks already offer full-service web portals and real-time account information and 24*7 customer assistance. But Robotic process automation (RPA) can further help banks in automating a range of repetitive tasks across discrete legacy systems.

NSEIT’s Intelligent Process Automation service can go beyond just cost reduction and efficiency by adding significant value to businesses with personalize and higher degree of self-service solutions.

How can NSEIT solve your business challenges ?

And automate pools of tasks like credit card settlements, payment reconciliation & underwriting, automate emailers, monthly account reviews, customer servicing, fraud detection, credit underwriting and regulatory reporting and dramatically speed up turn-around times for market readiness.

We can help you achieve:

  • 100% data processing accuracy
  • 90% improvement in response time
  • 90% increase in client satisfaction
  • 70% increase in productivity

“We have helped a leading Bank to improve their TAT from
12 mins to just 12 secs”

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