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Automate Infrastructure, Adopt Infra as a Code

Date & Time : 6th August 2020, 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm IST

Joint webinar hosted by NSEIT and Terraform focuses on how in the " Cloud Age of IT", organizations are realizing bottlenecks of traditional ways to manage their data centres, and imminent need to adopt infrastructure automation. With this webinar you can find answers to some of the pressing issues related to IT infrastructure which can either crop up due to human errors, or delays or due to cost escalations, and how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is addressing these challenges through codification and proving out to be a cost effective solution.

The Webinar on Infrastructure as Code (IaC), covered following aspects- 

  • How IaC outperforms traditional approach for managing IT Infrastructure

  • Consistent infrastructure provisioning, complex change management through automation

  • Best practices for implementing Infra as Code (IaC) using Terraform

  • Multi cloud environment management

  • Demonstration of following key scenarios using Terraform

    • Create website for On-Prem, and Cloud infrastructure

    • Provide secured infrastructure, block external IP access

    • Implement Policy as a Code

    • Integrate workflow with Terraform & Service Now


Sanjay Bhavnani

Head - Infrastructure & Operations, NSEIT

David Wright

Partner Solution Architect, HashiCorp

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