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Modernized Regulatory Compliance Application for India's Financial Backbone

Slice up the Monolith to an agile, micro services-based architecture to improve user experience, speed-to-market & scale


India’s Leading Capital Market Player


The ten year old monolith application used by 1800+ listed companies & 1000+ members for Monthly, Quarterly & Annual compliance filings was creating many issues around business & user experience.

  • A lengthy time-to-market lasting more than 12 months

  • Releases took, on average, 1000 people-days or roughly three months to realize

  • Regression testing took around two days to process all test cases

Additionally, our client wanted to reduce the overall time needed to complete the regulatory compliance process as this was massively hampering the user experience. Possible areas for improvement to achieve this were streamlining back-office operations & a more user-friendly intuitive application design


To modernize the application connecting the key financial stakeholders of the country, we devised a 3-phased approach

Improve UX

Intuitive design principles resonating to consumer research were applied to improve the user journey & experience of 400+ screens

Scale with APIs

APIs were exposed to listed companies & members to directly integrate backoffice opertions and trigger a no-touch, faster process

Transition to Micro-services

Finally a micro-services based architecture was adopted to provide scalability , organize teams around business objectives & not technologies, speed up development & quality assurance

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