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Immutability & Transparency in e-voting powered by Blockchain


India’s Leading Capital Market Player


Our client, a leading capital market player is India’s leading stock exchange and the second largest in the world by nos. of trades in equity shares from Jan - June 2018. Client’s voting process involved multiple stakeholders from diverse entities – market regulator, registrar & transfer agents, and corporate companies.

Voter confidence is of paramount importance to establish a clear corporate governance system. The traditional methods of conducting the e-voting process do not establish a strong voter confidence due to limitations such as:

  • Lack of security

  • Identity authentication theft

  • Centralized authority in the hands of the voting controller, etc

Electronic voting machines have been viewed as flawed, by the security community, primarily based on physical security concerns. Anyone with physical access to such machine can tamper with the machine, thereby affecting all votes cast on the aforementioned machine.

Download our Case Study to know how, NSEIT experts helped set up a highly transparent and clear corporate governance system by ensuring a real-time immutable trail of activities.

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