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Leading Life Insurer of India


Our client was facing severe complaints as the response time to customer requests was invariably large. Additionally, the bottom-line was impacted because the resource utilization rate was high but that didn’t translate into productivity in terms of delivering good & prompt customer service across the insurance life-cycle phase – Policy Creation, Renewal, Endorsement, Cancellation and Reinstatement. There stemmed an urgent need to enhance productivity by processing of repetitive, rule-based & high volume tasks


NSEIT partnered with leading RPA vendor – Automation Anywhere to provide a comprehensive RPA solution suite to streamline the CRM processes of Contract Management, Case Management & Customer Support

Contract Management

Our solution tracked the customer & vendor contract documents and expiration dates and triggered automatic send notifications to vendors and customers whose contracts were close to expiration along-with creating a detailed report.

Case Management

Our solution automated the creation of new cases - customer service requests, help desk requests, and work orders in the CRM alongwith automating the entry of data like customer quotes, order history, shipment tracking and payment history related to that particular case in the CRM.

Customer Support

Our solution was used to synchronize data from various systems and create a single view for the customer representative within a few seconds. Moreover, details like customer name, previous interaction history, billing details and user preferences were also collected to help agents in delivering better customer experiences

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