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Automated Workflow powers External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) and Trade Credit

Workflow Automation with in-built analytics & reporting to accelerate scalability, performance and informed decision making


Financial Regulator


External Commercial Borrowing is a key source of foreign capital – allowing Indian corporations & PSUs access to foreign money. Our client’s existing system to handle External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) had served well till date, but the system needed to be upgraded to cope with the challenges of:

  • Ballooning database

  • Increasing requirement of micro level data for policy purposes

  • Need for parameterisation of functionalities within the system

High Quality MIS, state-of-the-art record management system, automated reporting & analytics were needed to take key critical decisions at the pace of market changes.


An online web-based application with a centralized database and browser to enable the client for ECB reporting and further decision making was designed. An automated workflow across all processes was at the heart of the solution. Following the DevOps approach ensured faster time to market & higher quality. The stakeholders of the redesigned system included the different departments of the financial regulator, key dealer banks and borrowing entities.

Key Features of the Modernized Application -

  • Micro level approval and reporting of transactions to macro level aggregation

  • Incorporates a complete ecosystem of ECB and Trade Credits, which will encompass the whole lifecycle from receipt of application to communication of decision and also reporting of transactions

  • State-of-the-art system that will not only process data with minimal manual intervention but also provide an expansive Management Information System (MIS) for policy decisions on macroeconomic aspects

  • Capability to maintain voluminous data and multitude of users

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