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Process Mining – Data Science in Action

Supriyo Dutta | FEB 20, 2020

What is Process Mining?

Process mining is an outcome derived from specialized data mining methods. Actual performance of the business processes is reflected by a layer of software which sits on top of the company’s IT systems. Business can derive a full picture of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or gaps in the company’s processes. As a result, companies can better focus their efforts for further process improvement.

A quick review of the Event logs of any software will reveal the data journey of the entire process. Specialized Process mining tools discover actual process models out of the raw event logs. By extracting event logs from each case and combining them, these tools show companies how their processes perform in reality.

Why Process Mining tool is imperative for Organizations

Business processes tend to have many exceptions and tend to be complex. Challenged by existing process bottlenecks, or when companies aim to find areas of automation, the companies need to have explicit knowledge of the processes. If not, they may take inaccurate actions which won’t provide any improvements. Thus, process mining becomes a prominent solution for such cases. With its support, companies can understand the actual processes and give data-driven decisions.

Process mining allows us to visualize what the actual processes based on the event logs are. This will give insights to the company to identify process inefficiencies and areas for process automation. Without these insights, automation projects can focus on the wrong processes or operate inefficiently.

As a result, companies should mine their processes to perceive how they look like in real life. With the knowledge gained from the software, they can take proper actions for reducing inefficiencies.

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Supriyo Dutta

Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant

Associated with NSEIT Ltd as Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant with 20+ yrs of experience in Project/Program Management, Business Analysis, Technical Design and Software Development primarily in the domain of RPA, IPA, Insurance, FMCG, Mobile Applications and E-Governance Application Packages.

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