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Beginning of the era of HyperAutomation

Supriyo Dutta | APR 09, 2020

We all realize that technology is now on the cusp of moving beyond “augmentation that replaces a human capability” and into “augmentation that creates superhuman capabilities”

Automation is now using technology to automate tasks that once required humans. So, let’s explore what’s the new Hype in the automation business i.e. HyperAutomation.

What is Hyperautomation?

When intelligence is infused in RPA leveraging data science and analytics, it becomes a new technology called Hyperautomation, enabling optimization and modernization of processes.


  • Uses a mix of various exponential technologies such as Machine Learning, RPA and AI to take the automation of organizational processes to the next level and augment humans

  • Can use a mix of devices/software to exactly function as human workforce does in an activity, after which the solution can even carry out the decision-making process independently

  • Refers to the sophistication of the automation (i.e. discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor, reassess)

Industry Research Leaders have coined or refer to the following terminologies-

Gartner – Hyperautomation

Forrester – Digital Process Automation

IDC – Intelligent Process Automation

Gartner says Hyperautomation happens when companies “rapidly identify and automate as many business processes as possible,” using software, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning.

Interest in end-to-end enterprise automation is at all time high, as per Gartner's top tech predictions for 2020, with $2 billion-plus in funding at stake and "RPA" landing in its top-5 search terms for 16 quarters in a row.

Hyperautomation - Building Blocks

As the definition of Hyperautomation becomes clear we notice a number of software & technologies need to work synchronously to deliver business results, improve ability to automate in order to facilitate the modern workforce.

Here are the seven tools Gartner recommends companies should piece together in the puzzle that is Hyperautomation:

  • Process mining

  • Machine learning

  • Analytics

  • iPaaS

  • iBPMS

  • Decision modeling

  • RPA

These tools have never been easy to integrate in the past, nor are they currently.

"Companies that use RPA alone will fail - or at least lag far behind."

While RPA is good for automating repetitive screen tasks, not end-to-end business process automation. Most RPA systems can only perform automations within predefined processes, which are rule-based, not ready for exception handling, and programmed in advance. Look no further than another Gartner study for proof: in 2019, the research firm found that for every $1 spent on RPA, companies spend $5-$7 fixing it with external consulting and system integration deals.

Hyperautomation platforms, end-to-end systems that are agile, iterative and incorporate new information and workflows, will be the ideal way for the all companies to streamline business processes and make better decisions.

The goal of hyperautomation is not for the human to step out of the loop, but rather for the human to step up to the conductor’s podium, directing all orchestra sections to play well together, ultimately saving time and money.

Most of the leading RPA vendors like UiPath, Automation Anywhere which are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Research etc are now providing Hyperautomation solutions by including Intelligent Process Discovery/Mining, Analytics, Decision Modeling, RPA, AI/ML based automation under single platform.

NSEIT with product partners Automation Anywhere & UiPath is providing automation & hyperautomation enablement services to some of the leading organizations in the BFSI sector. Please visit to know more about NSEIT’s experience with its automation partners.

Do reach out to me to understand how to embrace Hyperautomation & remain relevant in today’s ever changing business landscape. Our trained & certified automation experts look forward to address your queries & handhold you to the world of Hyperautomation.

Supriyo Dutta

Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant

Associated with NSEIT Ltd as Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant with 20+ yrs of experience in Project/Program Management, Business Analysis, Technical Design and Software Development primarily in the domain of RPA, IPA, Insurance, FMCG, Mobile Applications and E-Governance Application Packages.

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