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Understanding Process Mining better - Process
Modeling, Documentation & Client Side Analytics

Supriyo Dutta | MAR 13, 2020

Quick Recap

Process Mining & Documentation is used to provide objective analysis into the current state of business processes, offer speed to insight and the ability to scale, and drive common understanding and consensus to guide automation efforts

What is Process Modeling & Documentation?

Process documentation provides tools for process professionals and business subject-matter experts to model, document, and collaborate on re-engineering organizational processes.

It's important to note that process mining and documentation have traditionally been separate markets. However, they complement each other, and vendors are increasingly providing integrated solutions.

What is Client Side Analytics?

Process mining focuses on system data that's available through system event logs, but these don't fully capture end-to-end processes. Many processes have significant levels of activity that occur on the client side, including copying/pasting data, leveraging excel etc.. Capturing these client-side activities offers few important benefits

  • When reviewed alongside event log data, they provide a more comprehensive end-to-end view of any process and

  • these activities have been particularly difficult to automate through traditional coding or digital process automation and are suitable candidates for automation through RPA mainly because no event log reflects these activities.

To explore functionality at a deeper level, Forrester Research broke the market into three segments, each with varying capabilities (Refer table below).

Key product vendors who can be referred across various segments discussed above are:-

Vendor Name

Segment Serviced



Process Mining



Process Mining


Software Ag

Process Mining & Documentation



Process Mining & Documentation



Process Mining, Client Side Analytics



Client Side Analytics



Client Side Analytics

With the above details now available you can start driving the Automation Strategies with Process Mining & Documentation.

Before you commence your journey for automation, make absolutely certain you know the destination and the right path forward to fit your current situation and desired business outcomes.

  • Adopt the right tools to identify the processes before you commence Automation

  • Commence testing the above mentioned tools today

  • Consider Professional Service Support to help start the Automation & Process Mining journey

NSEIT is committed towards helping businesses grow using our digital-native solutions. To know more about our Digital Transformation services, visit:

Supriyo Dutta

Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant

Associated with NSEIT Ltd as Delivery Leader & Lead RPA Consultant with 20+ yrs of experience in Project/Program Management, Business Analysis, Technical Design and Software Development primarily in the domain of RPA, IPA, Insurance, FMCG, Mobile Applications and E-Governance Application Packages.

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