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How to optimize AI to overcome challenges

AI has become an indispensable resource for many businesses in 2020-21 amid the challenges of COVID-19. Despite economic stress, 61% of high-performing companies invested more in AI in 2020. As recovery from pandemic losses gets underway, more may turn to AI to strengthen their digital transformation.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) have seen an exponential rise in their use and also their advancement in the last decade or so. At first, it was mostly used for military purposes but commercial usage is increasing day by day, but is it a good thing?

AI can do simple menial tasks with almost 0% error rates and performs day in and day out the same way. This makes a great replacement for things that need a high level of precision and mistakes are not to be made.

Increased investments in AI could help the economy recover faster, but they also come with some risks. As such, 2022 could be a turning point for the technology as businesses push to resolve both long-standing and newly found AI challenges. Here are seven of these issues that face AI adoption and how companies can overcome them.


Although the goal of AI is to mimic human actions there are a few speed bumps in its implementation :

High Costs Involved

The cost of setting up an AI system at any place is very high and it can take some time before the whole process is perfected. On top of that, maintenance and repair are also an expensive affair. They need routine care and on the days when they need routine care, they will be offline.

If you are thinking about how expensive AI is, here is an example: Apple paid $200 million to acquire the virtual assistant that we today know as “SIRI”. Amazon paid $26 million for the Virtual Assistant “Alexa” in 2013.


Human Intelligence

No matter how much you train or develop the AI, it will still not be at par with human intelligence. We can make quick decisions that can alter the final result by a lot. An AI machine will not be able to do that.

"Skynet" is still miles away and AI is not taking over humanity anytime soon. They might be able to store more data than us but retrieving it and using it are different things altogether. AI is still in its nascent stages and there is a long way to go before it is able to mimic even the smallest of animals let alone humans.


Experience doesn't matter

Human cognitive power is great at many things. One aspect of it is learning through experience. As the human mind repeats certain tasks it gets more efficient with it and consumes less time to do the same thing. This is something that helps us evolve in the long term and find ways to make a process easy.

This is something that AI cannot replicate yet. It still does not learn from experience and needs human intervention if changes are to be made. Even with the amount of data it has it cannot come to a good conclusion on its own.


No Creativity

The human brain finds solutions for new problems in novel ways that can benefit all. This creative approach helps us overcome a lot of things. Although AI might help you create something, you will have to input your preferences. But once the design of the product is made there is barely any scope for changes.

The high sensitivity coupled with the emotional quotient is what makes human brains so creative. Creativity can be used for a variety of things. AI at its current state needs to be spoon-fed all the info that it needs. Even with that, it cannot come up with creative solutions.

Humans hone these skills and become better as they age. But this creativity comes naturally and still cannot be recreated by AI.


Accelerated Hacking

Artificial intelligence increases the speed of what can be accomplished and in many cases, it exceeds our ability as humans to follow along. With automation, nefarious acts such as phishing, delivery of viruses to software and taking advantage of AI systems because of the way they see the world, might be difficult for humans to uncover until there is a real quagmire to deal with.

All in all, when done right AI can help you get the best results while reducing the room for error in your processes. NSEIT can help you make it better – we can help you to replace complex but tedious processes with hyper automation and save labor costs connect with us or write to us to know more about it.

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