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How Elasticsearch helps in building efficient enterprise search & analytics?

Leading organizations are the ones who have identified data as an asset, not only for a competitive differentiation but to optimize their digital transformation journeys. Collecting information and analysing it to make business sense in real time is becoming vital strategic tactic.

“Gartner estimates that around 90% of corporate strategies will accredit information as critical ability and analytics as a capability by 2022.”

If machine generated data, structured or unstructured, is coming from numerous sources into your organisation and easily doubles in size rapidly every two years, you may want to use this information to search for glitches & best practices, basically extract value from information. You need a tool that will ingest this huge data quickly, tie it all together and give you a visual output of the parameter you are monitoring i.e. you need an Elastics Stack.

Enterprise Search & Analytics Redefined

Elastic, a search company, enables you to experience the power of search in a variety of business scenarios with three main attributes of speed, scale and relevance as its key differentiators. A lot of apps we use for transportation, food delivery, ecommerce, which have become a necessity of our existence are powered by Elasticsearch, added as a speed layer.

Elastic holds the #1 position on with 350 million products downloads by a large community of open source users and it’s also cloud-native.

The various products of Elastic when stacked together make the “Elastic Stack” also known as the "ELK Stack".

Machine data generated by applications, sensors, activity from network devices, infrastructure like serves & cloud compute layers need agile collection tools that are flexible and quick, hence all the components of the stack have increased the popularity of Elastic for their unique propositions.

  • Beats are lightweight shippers which have small installation footprint and consume less resources, carry data to the Elasticsearch either directly or via Logstash. Filebeat, Functionbeat, Heartbeat, Journalbeat, Metricbeat, Auditbeat, Winlogbeat and Packetbeat are supported by Elastic along with around 60 community contributed beats.
  • Logstash a server side ETL component receives data from the Beats. Here the data is parsed, enriched and transformed to add structure to it before indexing. It has a rich set of input & output plugins that connect stream data from other storage layers.
  • Elasticsearch is the heart of the Elastic Stack. It’s the storage, search and analytics. Data can be text, time series/metrics and geospatial. Elasticsearch enables full text search needed for unstructured data and analytics for looking at trends along with geospatial analysis.
  • Kibana is the UI component, is known the window into the Elastic Stack. There are many out of the box common visualizations, including geo and map visualizations. Customizable to create dashboard as per the business reporting requirements.

These 4 products make the Elastic Stack a versatile platform with uses for site & application search, logging, metrics, security analytics to name a few with deployment option to self- manage or fully hosted option of Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Why go for Elastic?

  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Collates data into a form that is easy to use and search
  • Analyses data and identifies gaps and opportunities for your business
  • Generates dashboards and alters
  • Highly scalable and secure

Unlocking the power of Enterprise Search & Analytics

The set of Elastic powerful features can be combined in many ways for a variety of use cases, some of the key once widely used across multiple industry domains are:

  • Logging is one of the key one, due to the attributes of speed, scale and relevance where Elastic Stack can ingest billions of logs messages a day and can give 5 minutes data to dashboard experience.
  • Infrastructure metrics is another popular use case for gathering metrics to a single place. Metrics like CPU or Disk from your servers or pods, together with all the logs from that machine can be explored and monitored.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) amplifies observability with application transaction and tracing. Elastic APM provides a tailored experience for APM data. The applications response time, request load, errors/bottlenecks can be seen, drilled down to code line level. APM when combined with logs & metrics improves visibility. Hence, Elastic APM is more productive, with fast time to resolution.
  • Security Analytics for efficient security operations is a rapidly evolving application of Elastic due to exploding data and growing threat of potential attacks. Service monitoring, fraud detection, transaction monitoring, error detection being some of the demanded use cases.
  • App/site search & Elasticsearch services can be done in minutes and provides a more accessible experience for anyone looking to add great search to their website. It provides flexible controls, seamless scalability, robust APIs, and powerful search analytics, App Search helps you optimize your search feature.
  • Elastic Cloud Enterprise is Elasticsearch and Kibana as a service, deployed in either AWS or GCP.

Leading the way in redefining the enterprise analytics & search landscape

NSEIT has developed a Centre of Excellence (CoE) with mature team of Elastic Developers and have done end-to-end implementation of business use-cases using Elastic stack. Being the preferred partner of Elastic for security analytics, we provide continuous support for managing the services. Work with us to overcome your business challenges with our service expertise and Elastic’s would class products for APM, Logging, Security Analytics, Enterprise analytics.

NSEIT ( 100% subsidiary of National Stock Exchange) is a seasoned technology partner for the BFSI sector in India, US & Middle East. Navigate to to get more insights on how NSEIT and Elastic is transforming the digital transformation landscape.

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