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Get your workloads to cloud rapidly, securely, and with confidence by selecting the right infrastructure for your needs

Today, BFSI organizations are in the midst of a profound transformation and they demand agility, scalability, and velocity to sustain and thrive in the uber competitive landscape. How can they achieve this ? Well answer lies in “Cloud”.

Apart from bringing in the much needed digital revolution the pandemic has also served as de facto catalyst proving that, “cloud is an imperative” for running the business as usual. Technology heads and their team are bracing up for the next phase of digital transformation bought by clouds but they are being bogged down by several ratcheting pressure: increase in infrastructure cost, roadblocks in integration of emerging tech with the current system, speed time to market, increase in security incidences, unplanned downtime, increase in data loads to name a few.

We can help you overcome all the above mentioned challenges by building your on cloud and cloud strategy using OpenStack.

With OpenStack we offer :-

NSEIT provides consulting and tools to assist organisations at each stage of cloud implementation and operation, taking all the complexity out of OpenStack deployment.

We can help you solve :-

  • Enable rapid innovation
  • Boost scalability and resource utilization
  • Reduce IT overheads and costs
  • Get more control over security measures
  • Better manage your data and resources

Discover how our solution will change the way you work