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Manthan Platform
- Powered by NSEIT

India's Platform for Research and Innovation

NSEIT is powering the Manthan platform to help meet India’s national targets and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This platform aims to empower various stakeholders to scale up the interactions with researchers/innovators and facilitate R&D/innovation, share challenges focused on emerging technologies, other scientific interventions, as well as those with a social impact.

Press Release

Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India unveils Manthan

The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India (GoI); entrusted with the vision to enable and empower all spheres of science and technology within the country, announced the launch of the Manthan platform, which aims to promote collaboration at scale between industry and the scientific research and development ecosystem to help meet India’s sustainability goals in alignment with the UN defined Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) charter.

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Aug 15th, 2022

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Objective of Manthan

Manthan is changing the landscape of science and technology-based social impact innovation and solutions in India. The platform facilitates knowledge transfer and interaction through its pillars - Information Exchange Sessions, Exhibitions, and Events that act as a framework for future science, innovation, and technology-led growth.

Scope of Manthan Platform

Features of Manthan

Manthan is a well-integrated, cohesive, and future-ready digital platform that is scalable and flexible. This platform provides an architecture for academia/ startups and Industry/Philanthropic sector to collaborate and innovate.

Features of the Platform

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