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Have you unlocked the full potential of the Finance Department?

Finance Department acts as a gatekeeper to a business’s most critical data. Finance analysts and decision-makers are drowning in data. And as the complexity increases, they are bogged down by challenges like fragmented & manual data spread across various databases in different formats, allocating expenses across different P&Ls, unable to generate key insights using historical and present data sets, and increasing pressure of compliances. These challenges become hurdle invisibility, scalability, and interpretation of data leading to an increased TAT in making sound operational decisions basis this.

NSEIT’s Finance Transformation Framework can leverage the power of data and analytics into finance to transform the department to its core. Our enterprise-grade, secure and flexible solution with Agile BI methodology is built on the basic foundation of Data Engineering, Data Operations and Data Visualization. We can help Finance Department with data consolidation (combining premium registers across product lines), validation (between premium registers), reconciliation (like reinsurance summary etc.), management, modeling (to arrive at critical business KPIs like GWP, NEP etc) and reporting (holistic view of earnings, commissions, claims, expenses across LOB, branches, channels, products).

NSEIT's Finance Transformation Framework can help you achieve –

“We have helped a leading Insurance company to reduce their TAT for analysis and reporting from weeks to just days”

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