The Next Generation Ultra-Low Latency Algorithmic Trading solution.


AlgoNomics product suite from NSEIT is a Ultra Low Latency Algorithmic Trading platform catering to investment banks, fund managers and individual algorithmic traders. The High Performance platform is designed to provide Low Latency, Intelligent Execution with comprehensive monitoring and control mechanism. The Advanced Trading Suite enables traders to effectively create and monitor multiple trading strategies for all possible market situations for Equities and Equity Derivatives. Designed by industry experts, it gives traders maximum control of high-speed, fact-based trading for consistent, superior results.

AlgoNomics supports traders to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. An online order can be placed at real time and strategies can be managed concurrently. AlgoNomics Trader WorkStation enables traders to seamlessly create and monitor trading strategies for Equities and Derivatives. The result is a substantial reduction in transaction cost, smart trading, and optimal profitability.


Key Features

The AlgoNomics Trading Suite provides the following features:

  • Ultra Low latency solution

  • Pre and Post Trade Risk Management with Real-time surveillance

  • Deploy off-the-shelf standard Algos

  • Trade Instantly with an Intuitive User Experience (UX)

  • Industry Leading User Interface (UI) that avails multi-monitor support

  • Real-Time Data Grids designed to support dynamic data flow and floating views

AlgoNomics Trader Workstation

AlgoNomics Trader Workstation provides a graphic user interface for traders who work with algo orders. From the workstation, traders are able to monitor the running of algo orders and alter the strategy running if necessary.


  • Create/Modify strategy with an intuitive User Interface.

  • View strategy parameters and running status.

  • Change strategy parameters which effectively change strategy's behaviour in run time.

  • Pause/stop/cancel of running strategies.

  • View all child orders and running status. Make manual release/amend/cancel of child orders.

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